axe throwing quotes

The following quotes are by an axe thrower named Rob, and they can all be found in a video on YouTube. Rob takes a look at the world with a view of “the axe”, and then he puts the axe through the motions of doing the things he wants to do.

I can’t get enough of the action scenes in Deathloop and I have to say, I hope we see more of them. Not only does the game look gorgeous, but the gameplay is very solid too. It’s one of those games that I can’t stop playing and I’m thinking, “If I could only get my hands on it!” Also, I have to say that the voice acting is pretty great.

Yeah, the new Deathloop trailer is pretty bloody too. There’s a lot of fighting going on in the game, including a scene where a character with a red axe takes on a group of enemies in a forest. As for the game’s gameplay, it’s pretty solid, but it is certainly not without its flaws. The combat is very fast paced and you can’t really engage in it without getting your ass kicked.

I’m not sure I would be so bad as to think that I would have to stop playing the game and start playing the other Deathly games. Theres some really clever characters, the game looks really good, but the graphics are not great. The gameplay is really easy to understand, which is one of my favorite things about Deathlib. I don’t want to spend hours on the game on the phone in case I don’t get the same satisfaction from the game’s graphics or mechanics.

Of course, the very last thing I’d want to do is get my ass kicked. So when you get close to death, the game’s difficulty really increases, which gets a bit frustrating when you’re about to die and have a moment of total freedom. So what I would imagine is that when you get your ass kicked, the developers wanted to make sure you had a moment of total freedom to kick yourself out of the game.

The problem is that it doesn’t work so well in games. You have to have some sort of control in order to do so. So when playing games, there are so many things that you can control and how you control yourself will dictate how much you can actually control your own body. Also when you’re playing your own life in the game, the controls are not very responsive, so the game can’t load up on you.

The game’s mechanics are almost identical to the one in Blood Bowl, except instead of using your axe to stab someone, you use it to throw a giant axe at a target. The difference is that the player who throws it doesn’t get an automatic kill. Instead, the target has to be hit with the axe at the same time that you throw it. You throw the axe, it hits the target. That’s it. But that’s probably not much of a difference for most people.

The game’s mechanics are pretty much the same as the one in Blood Bowl, except this time you get to dodge and evade the axe instead of dodging it. There are a few exceptions, though, like when the player with the axe gets hit and can’t dodge it, the game only shows a few seconds of the attack and the player has to get hit again.

You know what? I think the game is basically the same as the one in Blood Bowl. The only difference is that the one in Blood Bowl uses arrows, the one in this game uses axes. Not sure why that is, I guess it means you have to dodge the axe with your other arm.

It kind of reminds me of the one in Blood Bowl, but I think you can also dodge the axe with your other arm.

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