basketball defense quotes

The following basketball defense quotes are my take on the best defensive plays in the entire NBA. The guys are all great for different reasons, and the quotes are all great for different situations.

1. The Spurs’ Patty Mills was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year for the first time in his career.

To be the first player in his career to win the award, Mills had to beat out the likes of Kevin Durant, Tony Parker, and Russell Westbrook. With all that in mind, I think having the award to himself is kind of nice.

I also really like the quote about the Rockets’ Steve Decatur getting fouled by the Spurs’ Steve Kerr. It’s not just that it’s a nice sentiment, but it’s a reminder that we are all ultimately good players, and the way to beat us is to focus on the things we do well and ignore the things we do poorly.

Well, I guess I’m a pretty great player. But, it’s also true that in my career I’ve probably missed just about every shot I was able to shoot. In fact, I’ve missed about 1/3 of my shots that I should have made. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed the last one too since I keep missing the damn thing, but I guess we’re not trying to be the same.

I think you can have too much focus on one thing. Focus on what you can do and ignore the things you can’t. People who shoot high percentage from the perimeter are not going to have as much success from the 3 point line as they would if they tried to focus on the shot they were targeting. They’ll put the ball on the floor, try to score, and miss. The same goes for dribbling, passing, etc.

A classic example of this is the famous quote by Bill Russell, “You can’t teach an iron man how to pass, you can only teach him how to shoot.” It has come to the attention of modern players that the old adage may not, in fact, be completely true. It seems rather obvious to me that if you want to improve your basketball game, you need to focus less on what you can do and more on what you are trying to do.

A lot of great players and coaches have been around for quite some time, but it’s amazing how many new players seem to come up through college basketball and get stuck with the old ways. They seem to have no idea how to adjust to the modern game.

Some of our favorite basketball quotes are ones that were created by players who didn’t play the game in the same way we do. Many of them have a timeless quality which is also a lot of fun to read.

If you are working with a great coach then you have a lot of time to watch him, and you should watch those guys.

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