best friends drunk quotes

As best friends, we’re taught to do things together and to stand by one another. It sounds simple and easy, but the reality is, that in most relationships, we will probably end up in a situation where one of us is more likely to be drunk than the other. The key to avoiding this is to always remember to get sober first.

I guess the best way to get sober is to get drunk. I suppose there is a time to get sober, and a time to get drunk. Also, one way to get drunk is to have too much fun, and the other is to have too much fun, but it’s a really bad thing to do.

The reason for this is that the only way to get drunk is to drink so much beer. I think that’s why we don’t always have to go to the grocery store and buy a soda to drink. Because when we drink, we have a strong tendency to go into a state of high spirits. I also think that people find it interesting to drink a lot of water or water from the river instead of from a river.

As for drinking beer, I think that’s probably the best way to avoid being drunk. If you drink a lot of beer, you will be tempted to go into a states of high spirits. But if you drink beer and drink water, you will be tempted to go into a state of high spirits. I do think that drinking too much beer is one of the most important things we do in life.

But if you don’t drink enough beer, you won’t be tempted to go into a state of high spirits. That’s because one of the best ways to go into a state of high spirits is to drink a lot of alcohol. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a drunk guy doing things to the camera, you’ve seen this. But the best way to stay in a state of high spirits is by drinking a lot of alcohol.

Another thing that might have helped us in some areas was the fact that we were using a computer for most of the games we built. The computer was a kind of joystick and was actually capable of playing any game you had on it. A lot of games are based on the computer, so you can play any game that you like.

We all knew that computers were going to be one of the platforms for our game, but we also knew that we needed to make sure that the game would be as difficult and challenging as possible. We needed to make the game feel like youre actually playing a game, instead of trying to win a game by hiding behind a computer. The computer was a way to make the game feel alive and real.

So we went to a place called the Coding Asylum. This place was basically a place where you could do a lot of hacking and hacking. But we came back just one week later and had to start over. The Coding Asylum was about making our game feel like something you made, not like a game that you win. We had to go in and make it feel like something you actually did. We had to make it feel more like a game you played, not something you win.

This is a common problem people have with online multiplayer games. It’s a real problem because online multiplayer games are often created as a “win-win” scenario for the creator, where a person can make a game and then sell it for real money. However, many of them fail to realize that people want to win more than just a game.

We made it a game. We made it a way to win.

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