cocktail captions

So I was drinking a cocktail and I was watching the news about a drunk driver who killed his girlfriend and now he’s in jail. That is the type of stuff we’re going to be seeing all over the news and that is the type of stuff that will make us want to drink more.

The good news is that a good percentage of cocktails are made with vodka. The bad news is that vodka has been shown to have dangerous side effects such as liver and kidney damage. So if you’re going to drink it, you should probably stay away from vodka.

I know that everyone wants to drink, but a good percentage of people find that they don’t want to drink because they feel like it will make them sick. In fact, many drinkers believe that there is something wrong with them and it is because of alcohol, and its effect on the body. This is particularly true when it comes to the liver and kidneys. Over the years, the liver and kidneys have been targeted for drink as a way to get the drinker drunk faster.

It is a fact that the liver and kidneys are very sensitive to alcohol, and it is because of that that you need to be careful not to overdo the alcohol in your drink.

The liver and kidneys are actually two of the biggest organs in the human anatomy. To the extent that they need to be more sensitive, it may be that alcohol is affecting the way they function. As humans, these organs are extremely complex and sensitive. So it is possible that alcohol is causing them to perform at a lower level than they would normally. Or it may be that alcohol is causing these organs to malfunction.

There are various theories to explain how alcohol functions to the level that it does. One is that alcohol actually helps the liver perform its job, but that it’s not always an optimal environment for the liver to work in. Another theory is that alcohol is actually affecting the way the kidneys function, especially the kidneys that are responsible for cleaning the blood. This theory may be more accurate than the first one, but it’s not something that you can really prove.

A popular theory in the scientific community is that alcohol actually affects a protein called the blood-brain barrier and this can cause a number of health problems, some of which may not be completely understood.

There are a lot of theories out there about alcohol affecting our brains and it’s been a little over a decade since we’ve had any direct evidence. We do know that there are some signs of problems with our memory and our reaction times and our ability to learn. But even if alcohol does impair us, this doesn’t mean we’re not smart or that we’re not good at stuff. We are, after all, just like any other species.

This is what makes this so interesting. Is it that we are the only animal that can read? That we are in fact the only thing that can read? We know that we are smart, but do we know that we are the only intelligent species? There are a lot of debates about this, but the answer is that we do know it. Whether we know it or not, we are smart.

If we’re smart, we can’t be foolish; we can be stupid! A successful, successful zombie can’t walk around that is so foolish that it can’t even see a human. What a beautiful story! This is in a nutshell, a story about a zombie, and how the zombie is able to see itself as an intelligent creature, knowing how to do it.

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