crazy funny family quotes

This is a collection of my favorite funny family quotes from the past few years. These quotes are written from an anti-authoritarian perspective, and so I can’t really explain why I find them funny, but I do.

The one quote that I love above all others for its absurdism, is from the story of how I met my wife. In the first few weeks that I was dating my wife, she and I were both having a really hard time finding each other. The two of us didn’t really know where we were, what we were doing, or why we were even dating each other. I was the only guy that I knew that was into her. I was the only one that she knew.

So I decided to go out and meet this girl that I thought was the one that I would eventually marry. I wasnt sure if she was actually the one that I was looking for, but I was willing to give her a chance, if she was.

I think I was dating my wife for a while, and I wasnt sure what was going on. So, I told her that I would meet her for a drink and a drive. I wasnt sure if it would take long or if we would have a chance to meet at the same time. We didnt know each other that well, so it didnt really matter how long it took. We finally found each other a couple days later, and were married about two months later.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that she was pregnant, or the fact that I had broken up with my last girlfriend, but I think it was both. My wife is a very funny kid, and I think she was on a roll recently.

We met at a bar with a couple of friends, and I was just driving home one night when I saw her getting out of a car. The next day I went to a bar with my wife. While we were waiting for our drinks, she told me she had been having a lot of trouble sleeping, and had even stopped working. I asked her if she wanted to go to a friend’s house, and she said yes. I drove her over to her friend’s house.

Once there, she started to tell me about the little girl she had run over the day before. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was crazy! I had to talk her into getting a divorce! I didn’t know what I was doing. I told her about the little girl, and we went to our friends house where the parents had brought their little girl in to visit. I was still holding onto her and her parents.

It seems like some of our friends did very well in their new home for a few years before we went away. I talked to some great parents and they helped me out a lot. And now that I have a friend who has a very strong heart in me who loves me and will never let me down, it makes me feel like I have a really good time with them.

There has to be a reason why we should all have a good time with them, but it’s not good enough. Our time with them is limited. So we have a little bit of a time to rest, take a rest, and go along with the flow. It’s a little bit of a distraction to spend time with them.

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