funny driving quotes

Here are some funny driving quotes I’ve come across, along with my own personal favorites.

The most important quote I could find was from an old British song, “Shalom, Shalom.” When you’re in a car, your window may be lowered for the most part, which may be a good or a bad thing. But if you’re driving fast enough, you may not be able to see anything, and the road ahead becomes a blur. This is a great quote because it reminds me of being at a concert in a car.

This is all in good fun, and there are some great quotes in here, but I wanted to include this one because it’s just one of many. The car next to you is moving at a very fast rate of speed, and the driver before you is slowing down his car and looking over to the other driver. As he looks over, he can see that his co-driver is going to have a hard time keeping up with him.

Well, that’s a great quote. I love the idea of being behind the wheel while the other person is driving. This is such a great metaphor for our own cars that we can all relate.

I think we can all relate to this one. Driving can be the last thing we want to do, but it’s also the first thing we want to do. It’s the same reason why I love having my wife drive me places, I love it so much that I take the driver’s seat, and the only reason I take the driver’s seat before I take the passenger’s seat is because I can’t take the passenger’s seat.

This is just the beginning. It’s the first time that you’ve ever had a car start up with a start, but its the first time you’ve had a car start up with a start. So, to be safe, you can always get the start, but it’s not always the same as being at the end of the car.

In this video, the first person to drive the car on this list (aka the first driver) is asked to be more specific about where they’ve been and what theyve done.

Just like in real life, there are all sorts of things that people do and have done that are just plain fun. Here are a few of my favorite “funny driving quotes”.

It’s a bit silly, but “funny driving” is also a pretty good descriptor for the driving you do over here. A lot of people are doing it right now, and they’re having a blast.

Funny Driving Quote #1: The best thing about driving is that you don’t actually have to drive.

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