instagram captions about self love

I’ve been tagged by a few Instagramers this week to write about their love for self love.

Self love is all about being in love with yourself. It’s a mental and emotional state of being in which you are feeling intensely, and for the purpose of loving yourself. So a lot of people are on to this one, but I’m not going to lie—I’ve been tagged by a few Instagramers this week.

I really like to see the captions of other people’s selfies and I’ve been seeing quite a few this week. If it was my photo I would love for people to make an album of their self love. Because I know that this is a universal issue people have. This is something that many people are feeling deep down inside, even if they don’t show it much.

Most Instagrammers use captions for the same reason. There is a natural human need for others to view them, making them more personal. I think it works because they are often the first thing that people see, and it is a connection that they want to make and so it makes sense for them to have something to say.

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