my queen she’s next to me

It is always a little strange to be in a new environment with a new roommate. It’s also usually a little scary. I’m talking about the other girl’s face. It is a little creepy.

Like many other new environments, the dorms on this campus are not all that welcoming to our new roommates. However, all of the girls are very pleasant and friendly, so we’re sure they’ll be fine.

While I’m sure it’s not ideal, it was still a pretty pleasant experience. There’s a lot to be thankful for. I had some really great times in my freshman year at college, so I think it’s nice that I’m getting to enjoy a little of that now.

The way I see it, the girls in my dorm have a lot in common. They are all from the same small town, they all went to the same high school, they all work as baristas at the same coffee shop, and they all love the same brand of coffee.

Thats right, Im from the same town. Theres a lot of similarities here. But that doesnt mean they are all the same. In fact, they arent. Theres enough different that im sure youll agree that Im glad Im not part of a clique. I guess thats basically the entire point of college, right? to see what’s out there.

Well, theres a whole lot of similarities between the four characters here. They all work at the same coffee shop, they all look alike, they all have similar jobs, they all have similar hobbies, and they all have similar taste in coffee. But you can see the differences too, particularly in their outfits.

I’ll just say that the one thing that stands out in these videos is that no one looks anywhere near as normal as the other three.

The first time I saw this video I thought, I guess they took my job. I mean, the guy in the coffee shop that I see in the video, I have no idea where that came from. But the second time I saw it, I was like, oh, these guys are just not all that normal.

I don’t know what else to say when I think about it. It looks like a weird cross between a sci-fi movie and a high-fashion shoot. I’m not going to say “you would only know if you looked like that” because I believe that if you wear the same clothes you were wearing during your time on Deathloop, you will be that much closer to the real thing.

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