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I think that we tend to think of food as something that is “good.” We are very quick to say, “Yeah, I like it.

Food is not like that at all. I think the reason we like something so much is because we like how it tastes. We like how it makes us feel. We like how it makes us feel good. In the same way that we like something because it makes us feel good, we like something because it makes us feel good. Food is not the same way.

I’m just going to go off of a quote from Jonathan Gold, who I had the pleasure of seeing speak yesterday at the London Book Fair.

I am a big fan of Jonathan Gold, and I think he is the only author in history who has the power to make us stop and think about the way we eat. As I was reading this quote, I thought about what good food tastes like. He said that when he eats he sees himself as if he has lived through a battle and is fighting to regain his health by eating and savoring the tastes of his opponent’s food.

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