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I recently moved to Seattle, where I have lived for about 10 years now. As the city’s reputation has grown, I have come to enjoy living here. I find that, in general, the city is pretty open and welcoming, and I’m quite happy with it. This is not to say that all the streets and buildings are perfect, but it is not a place where I feel I have to hide.

As I mentioned, Seattle is open too. I’m not saying that the city is perfect, but I can say that I prefer it to the metropolis I grew up in. This is probably because I was born and raised in the suburbs. I think that the openness I enjoy in Seattle comes from the fact that we are a city of a certain size. When I moved here in 1996, the city was only a little over 600,000 people.

I remember walking around the city, and it just felt very small. My first trip I only realized this when I got to the top of the hill, and found that it wasn’t that big at all.

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