soccer quotes for girls

I love this quote from the New York Times’ article that explains why a girl should be able to go to the soccer field with a smile on her face, even after being hurt in the game.

I wonder how many girls are actually smiling after a soccer game? I mean, we know that some of them are hurt, but I would think that most of the girls would be completely happy to be playing soccer.

Yeah, I was just thinking that myself. I think it would be impossible to be unhappy after a game of soccer, but I’ll admit that I’ve been known to be a little bummed after a game of football.

There is a little bit of a difference between a girl who is happy to be playing and a football player who is happy to be playing. It’s really funny when you stop to think about it.

The most common quote in this game is “You guys are the best”. I think that’s the most common one. It’s just that the girls are the best because they’re the most creative, they’re the most versatile, they’re the most competitive, they’re the most confident, and they’re the most athletic. So one of the reasons why I like to play soccer is that it’s one of the most fun games we’ve ever played.

Some of the girls in this game are going to be pretty competitive, and theyre going to make their teammates play dirty. Theyre going to do things so that they can win, and even though players are supposed to be the best at everything that they do, they sometimes get knocked down and get injured. This game is really about the girls having to be competitive to be successful.

As we’ve shown, the girls have to play dirty too. Theyre going to get hurt more than they should. This is another reason why I don’t like soccer.

I think it’s a great game, and I dont like that some players are more or less competent. It also shows that girls dont really have the same mindset as guys, which I think is important. I also think there are some girls who should be playing soccer who are not, and that would be a shame.

I think the thing is that a lot of girls are like, “Oh, I have this game that I really don’t like to be competitive.” I think that if girls were forced to play a sport that they actually enjoy, they would be more likely to be successful. I think girls should be allowed to play sports they enjoy, even if it is just games. If they would just play the game that they love, they would be more likely to be successful.

I think that we’re missing the point here. It’s not important what the game is, what the sport is (unless that’s a secret). It’s important what the game is and what the sport is. If girls are allowed to play the sport that they enjoy, then all other sports will have to change to fit them and that’s not a good thing for the world.

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