sorry pics

I just realized that my camera and laptop were both in the wrong place. It was a very dark night and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Not that the lenses weren’t good. I was just in one of my moods. So I had to take these in slow motion.

It’s amazing how much time goes by in the blink of an eye. And with the exception of a few seconds, I was like, “Oh shit. Okay. Geez. Oh my God. Hey, wait a minute. It’s my phone.” We tried to edit my images into a single photo but one of the last ones was so blurry I can’t really tell what happened.

But hey, it wasn’t the lenses. That’s an easy fix though. Go to your camera menu and change the picture-taking mode from “Automatic” to “Slow Motion”. Then when it takes a look at the resulting image, press the “E” button on your keyboard to save it as a JPEG instead of a RAW file.

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