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I was so excited to see the photos of my kids from their wedding. I have to admit, I thought the photos were a bit cheesy, but I’m thankful I got to see everything that I wanted to. I was so excited to see my kids and their friends and family and to get their reactions to the wedding.

The photos are cheesy, but it is also a reminder of exactly how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve come so far. I don’t take the images too seriously. I just look at the two of them as they smile at each other and then look back at me. I smile back and then look back at the photos again. It’s the best way to look at the images.

Im thankful for all the beautiful people who show up to my wedding, and who are so wonderful and have supported me and my family for so many years. We have so many wonderful friends and family there, who I wouldnt have missed for anything. I dont take the photos at all seriously. Im just happy to see all of them.

I know I often say that in the beginning, and then just stop, but I also think the pictures are often a little too perfect. They want to be perfect, and they can be. But life happens and it has a way of doing things and it’s not always perfect, or even good. Thats why they are there.

So my wifey and my sister, both Instagrammers, were so happy when they saw the pictures of me at the party. I guess they thought it was a photoshop job and I was just a photoshop-user. I guess it was cool to see them all having such a good time.

This is one of those instances where the pictures are beautiful but the life is just too perfect. Like a perfect house, perfect furniture, perfect friends, the perfect things you could ever want to, but it’s just not there. It’s there in a few other places, but the life is perfect.

The life is perfect because it is so perfect. Its the perfect marriage, the perfect home, the perfect friends, the perfect life, but it is only perfect in itself. It’s the perfect life because it is perfect in the small details. No one can ever change that.

There is a lot to say about how the life is perfect and how that perfect life is created, but I’ll just say that life is the perfect life because it is so perfect. It is the perfect home, the perfect friends, the perfect life, the perfect marriage, the perfect job. But in actuality, we are married to it. We are not perfect in ourselves. We don’t have perfect lives, perfect careers, perfect friends, perfect homes, perfect families.

If we could just stay perfect in that sense, well, we wouldn’t be doing this. We would be doing something else and we would be doing it better than we are.

We are not perfect and this, this is not what we want. This is not what we wanted. We dont want perfect, we want bad, we want broken, we want ugly. We want life to be a dirty, messy, ugly mess.

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